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Welcome to Public Encyclopedia (ppedia). The purpose of the establishing of the website is to provide knowledge to the people in the whole world. Everybody is welcome to submit articles to us if it meets the requirement of encyclopedia. Please refer to Wikipedia for the criteria of an encyclopedia.

However, we are not totally same as Wikipedia who abide the law of Florida State, USA, we respect the law of every country and area in the world. That means, many contents which are allowed at Wikipedia may be prohibited at Public Encyclopedia. On the other side, we are more friendly than Wikipedia depending on the specific item.

You may introduce your blog, or website, or business, or enterprise with a reasonable title and in only one page. The length of the contents is limited to less than 10,000 words. You must indicate your relationship with the subject that you introduced in the page. However, temporary business information such as “My used car must be sold in this month” is not allowd.

Pornography is prohibited at ppedia. The key words of porn, porno, BDSM, bdsm, dominatrix, etc. are not allowed appear in the title or text contents, unless approved by the administrator. The link to porn website is also prohibited appearing at our website. All the porn page and porn link page will be deleted as soon as possible, and the user as well as their IP address will be blocked forever, until they are unblocked upon request and approval. is a no spam, no evil website.

Regulations might be modified by the administrator if necessary.

Contents at ppedia

Currently we provide cancer medicine knowledge mainly in Chinese. We will provide English version soon in several months.

Important notice

Because we recently encountered thousands of garbage articles and malicious user registration in the purpose of increasing traffic, we had to prohibit new user creation and new article creation, as well as editing. New page creating and old page editing are not allowed unless approved by the administrator. New user registration must be done by the administrator. Auto-registration of new user is stopped because we are flooded by registration. Please contact the Administrator for registration.

All the spam user account and their articles have been, is being and will be deleted. The users who change their name, age, gender, career in the profile frequently will be blocked and deleted.

If you want to create new pages or edit old pages, you must submit your proposal to the administrator. After examination, the new page and revision will be made by the administrator.

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June 5, 2015